Picnic Rug - Gum Blossom

Picnic Rug - Gum Blossom


Gum Blossom is a gorgeous, vibrant and colourful design featuring layered Australian gum blossoms and greenery in a hand-drawn aesthetic. The uncoated canvas fabric is made from 100% cotton.


The base of the picnic rug is the natural warm brown/cool gray of the earth and sand. It is made from medium weight weatherproof canvas to keep you dry. Tested to be water resistant and light resistant for a minimum of 200 hours.


The picnic rug comes complete with a drawstring bag in matching weatherproof canvas - convenient, stylish and on-trend. Pack your picnic rug quickly and easily to carry hands free. Keeps the rug protected in transit and storage.

Length: 200 cm

Width: 150 cm


This picnic rug is available in 6 different Australian native floral prints.

  • Pre Order Item

    Due to high demand we are taking pre-orders for these gorgeous picnic rugs, so there is a very short wait time. Please proceed with your order and we will be in contact with you to let you know how quickly we can dispatch. Thank you for your patience - it will be worth the wait!